The best ideas unlock when insights from different fields collide. Yet, our media platforms are designed to feed us content within our primary interest areas.

This newsletter shares curated reads about three broad topics: Product Management, Health Technology, and Digital Media. Every 2 weeks(‘ish), I’ll share bite-sized summaries of quality content around these 3 topics that have high value for time, high relevance, and are worthy of a "double take". The goal is to surface relevant topic-du-jour and encourage unexpected dots to connect.

Szent-Györgyi classified two types of scientists: Apollonian and Dionysian:

"The Apollonian tends to develop established lines to perfection, while the Dionysian rather relies on intuition and is more likely to open new, unexpected alleys for research...”

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Why these topics?


Since product management rose in popularity, there has been a ton of content made on the subject. Not surprisingly so, as there are many interesting tangential topics that come with product management: design, research, development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and so on. It can get overwhelming to sort through the sometimes generic and shallow content that simply word-smiths “what is a PM”. A Venn diagram can only go so far. To stay inspired and to feed product sensibility, I’m filtering out the noise to find timeless, thoughtful perspectives about the craft of creating great products - from best practices in the daily grind to developing good product judgement.

Health Tech

The healthcare industry is unnecessarily complex and produces a ton of user-ignorant technology products. Products are often not built for end users but rather to meet regulatory compliance and reimbursement requirements. The number one driver for physician burn out is the usage of Electronic Health Records. Information about services and costs are opaque to consumers. However, consumers are finally demanding better access and experience for their healthcare services, driving a market that’s attracting big tech in the likes of Apple, Google, and Amazon (albeit with questionable successes thus far). Health technology is ripen for drastic, consumer-grade improvements with great UX and scalable business models. I’ll be looking for interesting new businesses and thoughtful analysis of important tailwinds sweeping in this space.

Digital media

Content creation and consumption has become a major part of society. More than half of the world’s population is on the internet, which pushed media far beyond the realm of just entertainment into lifestyles in general. The gig economy (where people monetize a commoditized, transactional service) continues to boom while the passion economy (where people monetize creativity with a niche audience on a subscription bases) starts to rise as well. As such, the art of storytelling and capturing an audience will drive how we fit in the world, and how we understand culture and behavior. I’ll be finding great content about content creation (how meta), digital media trends, and occasionally filmmaking (because I like it).

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