Sitemap - 2020 - Double Take

Take 18. Top 5 books & 3 articles that'll change the way you think

Take 17. System design principles; Amazon HealthLake; Disney+ bulks up

Take 16. Layering sales onto self-serve; paying doctors to use AI; the idea adoption curve

Take 15. Build ritual into product; consumerization of healthcare; audio's opportunity

Take 14. Product-promise-market fit; Microsoft’s EHR Connect; Disney's Rundle

Take 13. No roadmaps; great consumer health companies; TikTok drama

Take 12. 3-bucket product planning; Amazon's fitness wristband; rethinking the app store

Take 11. Game design UX strategy; health tech’s great unlock; Fortnite’s vs. Apple & Google

Take 10. Ship work that matters; GPT-3 in healthcare; the unbundling of work

Take 09. Why smart people build mediocre product; interoperability rules; story behind Quibi's downfall

Take 08. Engineering engaged innovation; digital therapeutics; rise of email newsletters

Take 07. Developing product judgement; a new kind of EHR; Snap Minis

Take 06. The cadence; virtual care's TAM; flywheel of Epic Games

Take 05. Sustaining product discovery when working remote; the rise of telemedicine; the rise of passion economy

Take 04. De-risking product strategy; Cures act for health data; collection of great speeches

Take 03. Write a PR FAQ for your new product; strategy to reduce EHR burden; what is data network effects

Take 02. Set up a product market fit engine; EHR data aggregation; Growth & sales in modern enterprise business

Take 01. Health belongs to consumers; product management 10 year trend; network effects of your life

TV review: The Leftovers